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Spanning hundreds of industries Kansas’ spirit of innovation is quietly driving a power-house technology sector.

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Source: Software.org | BSA Foundation, WSU Center for Business and Economic Development Research



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Kansas is home to a number of active tech communities and events like Groover Labs, Shift Conferences, DevICT, MakeICT, Code and Coffee, Startup Grind, 1MillionCups and Go Create. Kansas’ strong and active community of tech pros are the source of our tech innovation.

A workforced Primed for more

embedded Technologists

Over 36,000 jobs are provided by tech primary companies in Kansas. Our state is also home to world class Aerospace, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Agriculture industries. Each sector nurturing technologists and making Kansas fertile soil for new tech companies.



Kansas supports multiple K-12, Technical, and Higher Ed programs aimed to provide talent funnels for scaling companies. Kansas further drives talent achievement with member companies focused on the tech skills gap. 

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Innovators, Workforce, and COmmunity await.
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